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Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Tripe for Dogs - A Digestive Health Booster in Your Raw Dog Food Selection

Introduce your canine companion to the natural goodness of Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Tripe, an essential component in a balanced raw dog food diet. Our bison tripe, sourced from ethically raised bison, is unprocessed and rich in enzymes, probiotics, and nutrients, promoting healthy digestion and gut flora. This 100% natural, additive-free organ meat is an excellent source of protein and essential fatty acids, supporting your dog's overall health and well-being. Its unique texture and flavor make it highly palatable and enjoyable for dogs, ensuring a nutritious and tasty addition to their daily meals. Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those requiring additional digestive support, our raw bison tripe is a wholesome and beneficial choice for pet owners dedicated to providing the best in natural, raw dog food. Dogs love bison meat!

* Weights in description of our bison meat are approximate, and product photo represents a blend of various organs. The actual product comes as raw tripe.