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Buck Wild Bison Skirt Steaks at a Huge Discount!

Introducing the Big Ol' Box of Bison Skirt Steaks! This box comes with several of our bison skirt steaks for a total of 12 lbs of delicious meatEnjoy HUGE savings on this Big Ol' Box of Skirt Steaks!

Bison skirt steak is prized for its flavor. Very similar to flank steak, this cut is full of flavor and great in many recipes. The intense bison meat flavor in our skirt steak makes it great for fajitas and stir fry. 

Stock up on this versatile bison steak by ordering the Big Ol' Box of Skirt Steaks. These steaks come frozen and can be kept in the freezer for up to a year.

*Weights in the description are approximate and may vary slightly.