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Doggy Fuel
100% All-Natural Raw Dog Food

Doggy Fuel Raw Dog Food

Explore Buck Wild Bison's Doggy Fuel, offering premium raw dog food blends for optimal pet nutrition. Crafted to high standards, this collection provides lean, protein-rich bison and beef, full of essential nutrients for a healthy diet. Free from additives, it's perfect for pets on a raw dog food diet, ensuring a natural, flavorful, and nutritious meal choice.

Why Doggy Fuel?

Dogs Love It

Made from premium, human-grade bison and beef, our raw dog food is delicious and packed with essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. Free from artificial additives and preservatives, it promotes overall well-being.

Nature's Mix

Our unique small-batch process uses one animal per package, following the "one animal, one meal" method. We grind and mix every part of the bison. Each bite provides the perfect muscle, organ, tendon, cartilage, and tripe ratio, mimicking a wild diet.


Doggy Fuel is made from 100% all-natural bison or beef products with no hormones or antibiotics used. Doggy Fuel arrives to you in ready-to-eat one pound packages. No cooking necessary.