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Dive into the wild side of pet treats with Buck Wild Bison’s Bag of Assorted Bison Bones for Dogs, a premium selection of natural bison bones including ribs, knuckles, pelvic, and spine pieces. In a 5 lb bag, these bones cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes, offering a rich, nutritious chew experience that supports dental health and reduces boredom. Ethically sourced from our bison farm, these frozen bones are your pet’s ticket to a happier chewing session.

Why choose Buck Wild Bison? Our commitment to quality means your furry friend enjoys a superior chew that's good for their wellbeing. With a variety of shapes and sizes in each bag, your dog will never tire of discovering new textures and flavors. These dog bones provide the ultimate natural treat for your canine companion.

*In rare cases, bones can be a choking hazard. Always monitor your pet to ensure a safe chewing experience.

* These bones are not vacuum sealed, they are loose in separate bags as shown in the picture of the product.

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