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Experience a taste of the wild with our premium grass-fed bison Sirloin Flap Steak. Sourced from the lower belly of our bison, this cut of meat is rich, lean, and packed with flavor. Our farming practices result in meat that is lower in calories and saturated fat than traditional beef, offering a healthier and more flavorful alternative. This bison sirloin flap steak is versatile and perfectly suited for grilling, broiling, or pan-searing. Just marinate to tenderize, then grill or broil to medium-rare and slice thinly against the grain. 

Whether you're preparing fajitas, kebabs, or a simple steak dinner, its robust flavor and firm yet tender texture will impress. Each steak is hand-cut by our skilled butchers, ensuring top quality. With our bison sirloin flap steak, you're not just preparing a meal—you're embarking on a culinary adventure.

Recipes for this item:

  • Bison kebabs
  • Gourmet bison steak sandwiches
  • Grilled bison and pepper fajitas

*Product weights in description for our bison meat are approximate

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