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  • 2 12 oz. bison NY Strip steaks
  • 1  2.75 lb. bison chuck roast
  • 2  packs of sweet Italian bison sausages
  • 1  lb. of bison ground

Treat the bison meat lover in your life to a Buck Wild Bison bundle this holiday season! This bundle has it all, and when you buy the bundle, you save money. Bison is the perfect meat for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Indulge in the rich flavors of the festive season with our specially curated Holiday Bison Bundle. From the succulent tenderness of our Bison Ribeye Steak to the hearty wholesomeness of the Chuck Roast, this selection promises a gourmet experience. Elevate your holiday mornings with our sweet Bison Sausages, and let creativity flow with versatile Ground Bison, perfect for festive recipes. Whether you're hosting an elegant dinner or a cozy family gathering, this bundle brings the wild spirit of the plains straight to your table, ensuring a memorable feast. Every bite tells a story of tradition, luxury, and culinary adventure. Celebrate the holidays the bison way!

*Weights in description are approximates.