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Savor the distinctive taste of our exquisite Beef Picanha, a prized cut known for its rich flavor and tender texture. Originating from the top of the rump, this traditional Brazilian specialty is celebrated for its generous layer of fat that infuses the meat with succulence and depth of flavor during cooking.

Ideal for grilling or roasting, beef picanha is renowned for its versatility and simplicity in preparation. When cooked, the fat cap crisps beautifully, creating a mouth-watering contrast to the juicy, tender meat beneath. It's perfect for skewering in the traditional churrasco style, slicing for steak dishes, or roasting whole for a show-stopping centerpiece.

Each picanha cut is expertly prepared and hand-trimmed by our skilled butchers, emphasizing its unique characteristics and ensuring unparalleled quality. Experience the authentic flavor and exceptional tenderness of our Beef Picanha, a culinary delight that promises to elevate any meal into a memorable feast.

    *Product weights in description for our beef cuts are approximate