Big Ol' Box of Bison Chuck Roasts

8 Buck Wild Bison chuck roasts at a HUGE discount!

Introducing the BOBOCR--the Big Ol' Box of Chuck Roasts! This box comes with 8 of our 2.25 lbs. bison chuck roasts for a total of approximately 18 pounds of delicious bison meat. Enjoy HUGE savings on this Big Ol' Box of Chuck Roasts!

Our bison chuck roasts are well-marbled and bring an extremely rich bison flavor that shouldn't be missed. Best prepared at low temperature with moist heat over a long period of time. When slow cooked, this cut is tender and high on flavor. Delicious in chili, pot roast, name it!

Stock up on this versatile bison meat by ordering the BOBOCR. These bison chuck roasts come frozen and can be kept in the freezer for up to a year.

*Weights in the description are approximate and may vary slightly.

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