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Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Heart for Dogs - A Superior Choice in Raw Dog Food

Elevate your pet's diet with Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Heart, an exceptional addition to the raw dog food regimen. This high-quality heart meat is a treasure trove of nutrients, offering a rich source of taurine essential, abundant protein for robust muscle development, and a variety of vitamins, iron, and zinc. Our raw bison heart, entirely natural and free of additives, is the epitome of pure, unprocessed nutrition. Perfect for dogs of all ages and breeds, it's an ideal choice for raw dog food enthusiasts seeking to provide their pets with a balanced, nutrient-dense diet. Discover the benefits of our raw bison heart and give your dog the gift of a healthy, wholesome, and delicious meal.

* Weights in description of our bison meat and raw dog food are approximate.