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Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Lung for Dogs - A Light, Nutrient-Rich Treat for Your Raw Dog Food Diet

Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Lung is a perfect, lightweight addition to your dog's raw dog food routine. This unique organ meat is low in fat yet rich in high-quality protein, offering a healthy, easily digestible treat for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our raw bison lung, sourced from ethically raised bison, is completely natural and free from any additives, ensuring your pet enjoys a pure and wholesome snack. It's packed with essential nutrients that support overall health, making it an ideal choice for dogs on a raw diet. The airy texture of the lung is not only a pleasure for dogs to eat but also beneficial for those with sensitive stomachs. Whether used as a nutritious supplement to meals or as a light, enjoyable snack, our raw bison lung is a versatile and nourishing option for your dog's dietary needs. Bison meat is great for a raw dog food diet.

* Weights in description of our bison meat are approximate, and product photo represents a blend of various organs. The actual product comes as raw lung.

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