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Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Pizzle for Dogs - A Natural, Long-Lasting Chew for Your Raw Dog Food Plan

Enhance your dog’s raw dog food regimen with Buck Wild Bison's Premium Raw Bison Pizzle--natural and highly nutritious--that's perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Our bison pizzle, sourced from our bison, is a 100% natural, additive-free treat that provides a safe and healthy chewing experience. It's an excellent source of protein and other nutrients, supporting your pet's muscle health and overall well-being. The tough texture of the pizzle makes it a great choice for promoting dental health, as it helps to clean teeth and strengthen gums through extended chewing. This long-lasting chew not only satisfies your dog's instinctual need to gnaw but also contributes to a balanced raw dog food diet, offering a fun and beneficial way to keep your pet entertained and nourished.

* Weights in description of our bison meat are approximate

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