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Buck Wild Bison's Prey Model Raw Dog Food Blend for Puppies - A Protein-Rich Staple for Your Raw Dog Food Diet

Explore our Bison Puppy Raw Dog Food Blend - the perfect choice to nurture your young canine companion. This blend has extra vitamin rich organs and a higher calcium content for your puppy's growing bones. 5% healthy omega rich fat is added to fuel your puppy's growth and energy needs. The high copper content of the liver is perfectly balanced at only 3% of the secreting organ mix. All that extra collagen and glucosamine in the trachea, tendons, and cartilage give your puppy's joints nature's natural supplements. The green tripe at 3% provides the wonderful probiotics that your puppy's gut needs.

Available in convenient 1 lb. packages, our thoughtfully crafted blend is tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of puppies. Packed with the natural goodness of our premium beef, this raw dog food provides a balanced mix of essential nutrients, proteins, and vitamins that promote healthy growth and development. With a focus on quality and nutrition, our Bison Puppy Raw Dog Food Blend is free from artificial additives and preservatives, ensuring that your growing puppy gets the best start in life. Transition your puppy to a raw dog food diet and set them on the path to a vibrant and active future.

Ingredients (Equivalent to 70/15/15 muscle/organ/bone):

  • 57% bison skeletal muscle meat (Whole bison muscle cuts 90% lean)
  • 21% bison muscle organ meat (bison heart, bison tongue, bison scapula cartilage, bison green tripe, bison tendon, bison lungs, bison trachea)
  • 15% bison secreting organ meat (bison liver, bison spleen, bison kidney, bison pancreas, bison thymus, bison adrenal, bison testicles)
  • 5% bison kidney fat
  • 2% porcine bone dust (equivalent to 1400mg calcium per pound of food)